Reticle Web Marketing

Why Reticle Web Marketing

Ten reasons why Reticle Web Marketing is the right choice for your technology needs:

  1. High customer loyalty and Confidence with 95% repeat business in the last quarter and 70% of new customers from existing referrals. This is a strong indicator of the relationships we build with our customers. We earn trust and respect through integrity in all our actions.
  2. Intellectual Property is taken seriously at Reticle Web Marketing and we maintain this confidence at all levels.
  3. On-time Delivery due to our experienced resources and effective project management. We have received excellent evaluations from our customers for on-time delivery, correctly implemented usability and functionality.
  4. Confidentiality and security is guarantee at a high degree in all the projects. All customer information remains strictly confidential and we never disclose any customer information under any unauthorized circumstances.
  5. Superior Execution by utilizing our Objective Oriented Methodology – an optimum combination of Agile, Extreme and Object Oriented methodologies for superior delivery.
  6. Globally Accessible and available round the clock for our customers in North America and Europe with the quick turnaround time via email, phone other collaborative tools.
  7. Ability to Scale with our access to the vast pool of talent, experienced consultants and with our partnership with vertical specific companies.
  8. Focused Teams by building them as a whole, not just as a list of capabilities. Our well tested technique helps us reduce overhead, increase productivity and improve communications.
  9. Superior Client Relationships relying on adaptability, constant communications, and continuous feedback
  10. R&D and Innovation focused initiatives for utilizing the latest trends, tools and technologies to be used in our development.