Reticle Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

You worked hard for many days and nights and continue to build your business.  You made or had a company design a website for your business.  There are millions upon millions of pages of web content out there and your website is totally lost in the shuffle.  When potential customers are looking for your product or service do the search engines display your site or do they just display your competition’s site?  Do you feel your website  promotes your business?  These are very serious questions you need to ask yourself.  Most business’s fail to use their website as a way of dramatically increasing their sales.  If you answered yes to any of these questions your site has failed to harness the most cost effective and extremely powerful internet marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimization or SEO!   Reticle Web Marketing will increase your search engine rankings and promote your website and help all those new customers find you.

We will develop a focused keyword strategy, optimize your meta structure, adjust your content so that its not only search engine friendly but markets your products.  We will optimize internal links and make sure your website is taking full of advantage of every SEO benefit.  We will continue to monitor and make changes over time to fine tune your site to deliver the maximum results that you expect!