Reticle Web Marketing

Guiding Principles

The value we create for our customers is a direct reflection of the core values we keep

At Reticle Web Marketing, we are driven by our core ideology. These are the principles which reflect and guide our organizational values. These principles are communicated in three themes of serving customers, valuing people, and growing Reticle Web Marketing. We are proud to share them with you.

Serve Customers

  • Creating Value – Blend yourself into the client’s world. Understand, adapt, and deliver tangible solutions. Exceed all expectations.
  • Fiercely Innovate – Partner with customers to generate creative solutions and revolutionary ideas. Defy conventions and use curiosity to fuel your imagination. Think ahead and think differently.

Value People

  • Tap Potential – Lead with conviction. Develop and inspire team members toward personal and professional excellence. Recognize and Invest.
  • Thrive on Teamwork – Align and excel through communication, trust, and respect. Form agile, high performance teams and alliances that unite and achieve. Have fun.Act with Conviction – Be passionate, be accountable, be decisive. Deliver with confidence. Take ownership of everything you do.
  • Drive Results – Aggressively pursue opportunities to enhance company value. Direct actions towards mutual growth, profitability, and success. Make things happen.